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2019 SuperBuild

Build Date – May 18, 2019

Once again our goal to build homes and the number of homes that we are able to build will depend on you and your club’s commitment. For those that have never participated, Super Build was designed thru a partnership between Corazon and District 5300 many years ago. It is an opportunity for Rotarians, future Rotarians, friends and family to change the lives of families Internationally with a hands on project….building homes! Participants can range in age from 15 to 100! There are jobs for all including painting, passing out water, translating, framing, roofing etc.. You do not have to have experience to be able to join us.

Cost – $9,000 per home

Each home costs us $9,000. As part of those funds, a portion goes towards education costs for uniforms and supplies to ensure thru the commitment of the parents that the children stay in school. If a parent or parents need assistance with education to prepare themselves for jobs part of the monies go to Corazon for the funding of this. Training for vegetable and gardening classes to grow food plus many other community activities thru the community center are also funded thru this.Broken down to a much simpler number is that when we raise $200 for each and every volunteer, we can achieve our goal of building 2-4 homes!

Lodging & Transportation

We will depart at 5:30 am just outside of Chula Vista by bus to the area outside of Tecate Mexico, withe am team on a separate bus. The home(s) being built take 40-45 volunteers with the cut off at 45 per home. The cost for each bus requires us to charge $30.00 per person round trip. It is imperative that all participants take the buses due to the inability to handle numerous cars at build sites.  If volunteers are staying in will still pay full fare.

We will arrive at build sites by 9:00 am to begin construction and return to our US meeting place usually before or by 6:00 pm. In the past sometimes there are delays at the border due to large amounts of people that may slow our arrival time on the return. The wonderful news is that in one day we change the lives of a family by giving them the protection and security of a home. Hotel Rooms will be blocked for all participants who would like a room the nights of the 17th and 18th of May. Further information regarding rooms will follow.

Club Presentations

We would love to provide speakers during a club program regarding SuperBuild where we can discuss the program and answer all questions in person. I had the pleasure of speaking at the Victorville Club this month and many ideas came up regarding raising funds and even getting groups of clubs together to build a home! We can have fun and make it a competition!

Chair Robin Smith            702-460-5080 – Nevada
Co-Chair Russell Stringham                  760- 951-7858 – California

Past Super Build Photos and Videos

2016 Super Build

April 30, 2016 Corazon Super Build a Success!

superbuild_image3In partnership with Corazon, another non-profit organization that has been working to assist and strengthen communities in Mexico for over 20 years, District 5300 has built homes and contributed funds to the education of the families we build for. District 5300 has participated in this everlasting project since 2007.

Started by Christine Montan, Superbuild was carried for many years by Past District Governor, Gene Hernandez.  Gene was honored this past build with a “Blue Shirt” which is a significant recognition by Corazon!

Rotarians and others have built anywhere from one to four homes a year for families that have dedicated hundreds if not close to two thousand hours to their communities!

Their commitment does not stop there. They commit themselves to further their education, to learn new trades to gain employment , to keep their children in school, to learn how to provide food through planting gardens, and to assist their neighbors and friends in achieving their dreams as well!

The cost to District 5300 is $8400 for each house built which includes all mentioned above!  This year we raised enough to build four homes!  A special thank you goes to the Pasadena Rotary Club and The Las Vegas Club. Two years in a row they have paid for two of the four homes. For the past three years, due to these clubs as well as the growing recognition that SuperBuild is achieving through the hearts of many Rotarians and their clubs, we continue to grow in the numbers of volunteers and homes built!

superbuild_image1PDG Gene Hernandez receives coveted ‘Blue Shirt’ from Corazon.

superbuild_image2Just some of the many Rotarians who helped build this first time home including Robin Smith this year’s Chair third from right.

2015 Super Build

Super Build, May 2, 2015

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2014 Super Build

Super Build May 3, 2014


2013 Super Build

 2013 Super Build

Saturday-April 13, 2013
Tecate, Mexico
Red Group by Roger Schulte
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Saturday-April 13, 2013
Tecate, Mexico
White Group
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2010 Super Build

2010 Super Build

2010 Super Build by Raghada Khoury

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