Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Rotary’s 10 clubs in Las Vegas and North Las Vegas partnered with Delivering with Dignity to mobilize both dollars and volunteers for Rotary Food Heroes Day on Tuesday, Sept. 15 when delivered nearly 1,300 fully prepared meals to needy, homebound neighbors.

Having received an $8,000 grant from Rotary International, the clubs collaborated to identify nonprofit partners that are addressing the critical food needs in Las Vegas created by the pandemic’s unprecedented impact.

“A requirement of the grant was to not only fund meals, but also actively volunteer,” explained Glenn Ritt, an Assistant Governor for Rotary District 5300.

On Tuesday, Sept. 15, 64 Rotary volunteers arrived at four restaurants across the valley to receive the prepared meals and deliver them safely to residents who face a “triple threat:” at high-risk for COVID-19, are not served by any other organization or support system for provision of food to their homes, and financially unable to meet their food needs without leaving their home.


More About the Food Heroes Day Project
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Video of George Ritt talking about Rotary Food Heros Day: