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Club Communications Officer Committee Members

Rotarians within the CLUB that have "volunteered" to assist their club leadership with updating the District and Club database (DaCdb)...they have a security level "4".
And, can make the same changes that their president or secretary can make to the DaCdb. The District Communications Officer (DCO) or a Club Communications Officer (CCO) can add these people to this committee.

The Club Communications Officer (DCO) for the District and Club Data Base (DaCdb)

Purpose: To provide the Rotarians in their Club with a point of contact for help resolving problems with the District and Club database (
DaCdb), provide training for other Club Officers in effectively using this resource, and to have a single point of contact to work with the DaCdb Developmental Team to identify problems, offer improvement suggestions, and to provide feedback from the Club's perspective to the Development Team.

District Calendar

DACdb University Training: Committee Sign-Up
November 30th 2021
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RLI - Southern California-Nevada - Part I, II, III
December 4th 2021
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DACdb University Training: CRM
December 7th 2021
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DACdb University Training: Edit Club Positions
December 14th 2021
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DCO (District Communications Officer) quarterly meeting - Winter
January 6th 2022
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2021-22 4-Way Test Speech Contest-Club Intent Form
January 31st 2022
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Southern Nevada Interact Conference
February 5th 2022
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Southwest PETS
Feb 25th - Feb 27th 2022
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