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Presidents Advance Information

The 2018 President Advance will bring together current leaders from each of our District 5300 Clubs to develop planning and fine-tuning for the direction of the remaining 2017-18 year.  With the responses received from the Presidents and Presidents Elect, the small round table discussions will allow every attendee an opportunity to discuss topics relevant to their Clubs, as well as share ideas concerning membership development & retention, public image, succession planning and so much more.  Through table changes during the conference, you will be able to connect with new faces, giving you access all of the amazing leadership and ideas available in your District.  You will leave with strong action items you can use when you return to your Clubs.  As one 2016-17 President stated after last year’s program, “I loved the conducive atmosphere of learning new things and sharing great ideas and challenges.”


“This event delivered what it promised to our club presidents and presidents elect.  In my first Rotary club meeting following our Presidents Advance, I informed our members that this was the best leadership event that I’ve ever attended in my 30+ years of Rotary service.  (The facilitator) hit a proverbial home run in coordinating every aspect of our meetings and in her facilitation of the program without undue interference of our presidents working group activities.  She emphasized that this was our (Presidents) program and would not be hierarchically directed,….and followed through with this commitment to us.”

Robert Hulshouser, 2016-17 President
Rotary Club of Green Valley

The planning committee has developed an action filled, hands on, and fun itinerary.  We look forward to seeing you on the Queen Mary!

Date: 2/23/18 – 2/24/18

Location :
Queen Mary
1126 Queens Highway
Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone Number:    (877) 342-0738

Hotel Registration: (877) 342-0742


District Calendar

District 5300 Budget and Finance Meeting
June 20th 2018
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An Evening in Toronto 5130-5150-5160-5190
June 24th 2018
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Far West Goes to Toronto for Breakfast
June 26th 2018
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July 4 Governor's Float
July 4th 2018
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Budget and Finance Committee and BOD Meetings
July 6th 2018
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2018 Presidents Phone Call With Governor
July 11th 2018
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District Governor's Official Visit
July 24th 2018
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District Governor's Official Visit
July 25th 2018
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District Governor's Official Visit
July 26th 2018
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