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BODTS (Board of Directors Training Seminar) 2017

Be efficient and consistent in your Club Administration and leave more time and energy to change your community and the world.

Topics include: Defining Documents, Role & Responsibility of Board Members; Robert’s Rules of Order; Club Leadership Plan; Dos and Don’ts

This year’s BOTS will be part of District Assembly being held April. It will be a new breakout session. Plans are in process to integrate the break out. Please go to the District Assembly page for more information.


District Events

Club Intent to Participate RYLA
Sep 1st - Apr 27th 2017
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2016 - 2017 Dan Stover Music Contest
Dec 1st - Feb 28th 2017
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2017-2018 District Directory Order Form
Jan 1st - Apr 22nd 2017
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Club 4 Way Test Speech Contest
Feb 1st - Feb 28th 2017
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DACdb University: Grants Module Training Part 1
February 23rd 2017
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Presidents' Advance (2/25/17 - 2/26/17)
Feb 25th - Feb 26th 2017
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Group 4 Way Test Speech Contests
Mar 1st - Mar 31st 2017
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Regional 4 Way Test Speech Contests
Apr 1st - Apr 30th 2017
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District Assembly 2017-18
April 22nd 2017
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